Live the Canadian dream, learn to play hockey

Anyone Can Learn to Play!

Learn to play hockey in a fun and safe environment, with your friends

Everyone is Welcome

If you share our passion for hockey, that is all you need but you must be older than 18. The program is for men and women, in fact 1 in 4 participants are ladies who register with their girlfriends, boyfriends or husbands. Larger groups save $50 per person by getting a Buddy Bonus.

No Experience Needed

We know you love hockey and this is why you are here. Maybe you never had the chance to learn to play because your parents could not afford the time or the money it took, or maybe you lived somewhere where ice and hockey do not exist. Whatever the reason why you have been missing out, take the program and become a hockey player now.

14 weekly sessions

The program spans 12 weeks where we teach you how to become a hockey player, there are 2 off ice sessions, orientation where you learn about equipment and chalk talk where you learn what is icing, offside and other rules of the game. Next are the 8 on ice sessions followed by 4 games against other program participants.

No convinced yet? See for yourself: How hockey changed Jas Mor’s life


You will learn the fundamentals of skating forward, backwards, stopping, turning and crossovers even if you have never skated before. Skating is the base for all hockey, so the first 2 sessions strictly concentrate on learning how to skate and the rest of the program reinforces good skating habits.

Passing & Shooting

Next you will learn all aspects of playing hockey. You will learn what is a saucer pass, a snapper, wrister and a slap shot and when to use each in a game. Once you have a good grasp of some of the individual skills needed for hockey, we will teach you how to play together as a team.

Play Games

Finally, you will play four games against the other players in the program. You will be on the same team as your friends, playing other new hockey players in a fun, safe and embarrassment free environment where if you fall no one laughs, instead they help you up. The team can continue playing in the NCHL beginner division for the next season.


  • Mike Vincent,
    Mike Vincent If your are on the fence about this, take it from a couple who had the most amazing experiences in the program. It is the single reason I'm entering season two with the team we formed after the program. When I first took the program I had never ice skated or even played ball hockey other then a couple times in school. The program gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to start and continue my hockey career. After the course 8 of the guys and myself formed our own team to play in the NCHL thanks to the beginner program! They helped us create a fun environment to play in, that within a year was so contagious, our 8 guys turned into 30 players and two teams. The experience was second to none and I would highly recommend it to anyone that ever considered playing hockey no matter your skill set or lack of. It was the best money I ever spent.

    My fiancé had the same experience. For her she had a untimely car accident so had to pull out of program the first time but she is entering it again this year to complete the experience even though she has confidence playing hockey now. She really wants to get to enjoy the full experience.
    Guy or girl, young or old, beginner or experienced you'll love every second of it.
  • Will Johnstone,

    I was never a huge hockey fan. Sure, I watched the important games and I chatted about it from time to time but I barely knew all of the rules. Before the NCHL program I was a little sketchy on what "icing" actually meant. I'd never been on the ice before, never so much as put on a skate. A true beginner. The NCHL program taught me from the ground up, teaching me how to tie my skates, and taking me through the first couple steps of making my first real push on the ice. My first day couldn't have been much more of a disaster. I could barely stand up, let alone do anything as ridiculous as moving. Some two months later and I'm playing in games, and while I'm not the next Stamkos, Crosby or Ovechkin I consider myself competent. It can be intimidating and incredibly difficult to start learning to play hockey and that's why I appreciate the NCHL program so much. They are incredibly good at building a sense of camaraderie, and they were very dedicated to helping me improve, one step at a time. I recommend the NCHL program to any beginner or intermediately skilled players who want to brush up their skills or start from scratch.  

  • James Miller,

    Enrolling in the NCHL beginner program was one of the best things I have done for myself. Three years ago I couldn't skate and now I have fulfilled every Canadian boy's dream of playing 'real' hockey and having a 'real' team. I highly recommend this fun and effective program.  

  • Alison Harapiak,

    I cant say enough about the NCHL beginner program. Going in I was really nervous and didnt know what to expect, but the instructors were excellent. We were introduced to all of the basics from stick handling to positioning, and all in a non competitive easily paced schedule. I am now playing on two teams and love it. I would definitely recommend the program.

Whether you’re trying to learn in hockey or trying to learn in life, I’ve always tried to be observant and tried to learn more, tried to evolve, whether it’s as a hockey player or as a person. With each year, I try to do that.

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