Ice Hockey Equipment

Price range for a new set of equipment is anywhere from $300 to over $1000 depending on the models selected. Most sports stores carry a great variety of  models of all prices and will be able to meet all of your equipment needs. You can easily get used equipment as well, but we do recommend certain items to be bought new. See below.

Ice Hockey Helmet


Lets talk about the ice hockey helmet. You should probably by this item new. Ice Hockey helmets are CSA approved but they do expire after a while, and lets face it, the head is the most important part of your body. You don’t want to go cheap here. A used helmet past due won’t help you much if you bang your head on the ice, and someone else wore it before you, sweated in it. You get the picture. Helmets usually come without any facial protection, but you can get a cage/helmet combo all in one. We strongly recommend that you wear full facial protection. Teeth are expensive, eyes are irreplaceable. As a beginner ice hockey player you don’t get any special advantage of having zero facial protection. So go with a full cage or with a full visor. While we strongly recommend facial protection, it is not mandatory in the program or the league later.

Shoulder Pads


Elbow Pads


Hockey Gloves


Hockey Pants




Shin Pads


Hockey Socks


Ice Skates


Hockey Stick


Hockey Bag


Mouth Guard


Stick & Sock Tape


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