Questions About Beginner Ice Hockey Program For Adults

Is this program for me?

If you are passionate about hockey this is exactly the program for you. Everyone is a tad nervous coming to their first session as you don’t know what to expect. But once you meet the people taking the program, you will quickly realize, everyone is in the same boat. It is a safe and embarrassment free environment, you don’t even need to know how to skate to participate. We will teach you from the beginning, and everyone will encourage you to get better every session. Not convinced yet? Read what the program is all about in Denise’s words.

How long are the sessions?

All on ice sessions are 75 minutes and off ice sessions can range between 1-2 hours. Please arrive 30 minutes before each on ice session so you have enough time to get dressed and enjoy pre-game dressing room atmosphere.

What are the ages for the programs?

This program is for adults only, so anyone over the age of 18 – with no age limit! We have new hockey players as old as 67 sign up for the program!

Do I have to know how to skate?

Although it will help to have some skating ability, if you have never skated before, the instructors will work with you and teach you the basics to start skating and playing hockey. No previous experience is required, and the first two sessions of the program are focused explicitly on skating, starting and stopping.

Do I need to have equipment?

Yes, you will need a full set of equipment (click HERE for a list). If you do not have any equipment or have old equipment, during the orientation session the Discover Hockey instructors will provide a demonstration on the latest hockey equipment and which choices are best for you.

What is your cancellation policy?

Participants can cancel up to two weeks prior to the orientation date and receive a full refund. After this date and before the first ice time you can transfer your credit to a future program within a year. Once the on ice sessions have started, unfortunately we can not offer any refunds as you have taken a spot in the program and we are unable to sell it again.

Do you provide instruction for goalies?

Yes, each session has room for two goalies and there is a qualified instructor present to work with goalies for the on-ice sessions 1-8. The rest of the sessions are games and you get to try out your newly acquired skills in real action between the pipes. You then have the ability to join your classmates as a new team in the beginner division of the NCHL!

Is the program co-ed?

Yes, this program is for everyone! Everyone generally changes in the same dressing room, but if you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, dedicated change rooms can be sought out at most rinks (depends on rink availability).

I can't take the program this time, do you offer it in the future?

Yes of course, if you are not able to take the program right now, you can always join us for the next iteration. Discover Hockey program runs Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Schedules are typically announced for the next program around the time games are played in the current program. Get new program schedules as soon as they are released straight to your inbox!

I missed the start of the program, can I register after the sessions have started?

If the session is not sold out it would be up to you and on how many sessions are left. If you are missing the orientation and 1 or 2 other sessions it is probably still worth taking the program because you will have a team to play for at the end and you would only miss a little bit of material that you can catch up later.

Once the first 2 sessions have been competed registration will close. Please see our schedules page for the next available session.

I missed a session, can I make it up with another group?

Unfortunately that is not possible. We do not have the ability to track who is coming to each session and we want to make sure the student/instructor ratio is consistent.

How much is the program?

The program is $469.00 + GST, but you can save $50 with our Buddy Bonus program!

How can I save $50 with the Buddy Bonus?

The Buddy Bonus is our way to help you and your friends save money on your hockey dream! To be eligible for the discount of $50 you need to register in a group of three or more people (you plus two friends). When you register; click small group, create a group and provide your friends with the group name. If two or more of your friends register, you will all receive a $50 refund following the orientation session.

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