Discover Hockey Richmond – Learn To Play Hockey Classes

Discover Hockey is a 12 week introduction to ice hockey program. You do not need any prior ice skating experience to take it. The first session starts with the basics of ice skating, the rest of the sessions progressively teach you how to become a hockey player. Last 4 sessions of the program are real hockey games with your new teammates. At the end of the program your new ice hockey team will continue playing in the lowest division of the NCHL against other teams that completed the Discover Hockey program previously.

I recommend the Discover Hockey program to anyone who wants to try and learn, no matter what the skill level is. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself! I have become more confident I am pushing myself to continue to step further outside my comfort zone. The coaches have done an amazing job helping me believe in myself! Thank you very much for putting this program and league together! My first year playing hockey just wouldn’t have been the same anywhere else! – Jas Mor, March 8th, 2017

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(* $50 will be refunded to every player in your group after the first on ice session – read more about it)
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For a full list of ice hockey equipment you will need please read more about it here.

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O2N stands for Richmond Olympic Oval, located at 6111 River Rd, Richmond, BC V7C 0A2. Click on O2N in the schedule to see the map.

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Date Day Location Time Session
TBA TBD TBA TBA  Online Orientation
SUN TBA  O2N TBA  Ice Session 1
SUN  TBA  O2N  TBA  Ice Session 2
SUN  TBA  O2N  TBA  Ice Session 3
SUN  TBA  O2N  TBA  Ice Session 4
SUN  TBA  O2N  TBA  Ice Session 5
SUN  TBA  O2N  TBA  Ice Session 6
SUN  TBA  O2N  TBA  Ice Session 7
SUN  TBA  O2N  TBA  Ice Session 8
TBD  TBD  O2N  TBD Game 1
TBD  TBD  O2N  TBD Game 2
TBD  TBD  O2N  TBD Game 3
TBD  TBD  O2N  TBD Game 4