Free Learn How To Ice Skate Lesson

You should learn how to ice skate!

Ice skating is a great winter or summer activity.  You can ice skate indoors, and on a pond outside. And if you live in Canada it is your duty to your country to learn to ice skate. We are kidding of course, but how can one live in Canada and not experience a game of shinny on a pond or a leisurely skate on a frozen lake? Learning to ice skate can be very rewarding. It is one of the most Canadian things you can do! (sold, where do I sign up for this free lesson?)

Ice skating also is a great way to get out and be active in summer or winter, burn some calories and just have a good ole time, it is a great workout that gives you skills you can use throughout your whole life. If you can balance on the edges of two steak knives, you would probably be ok on a slippery sidewalk too.

So we want to give everyone a chance to learn how to ice skate for free. Are you in? It will be the best thing you have done for yourself and who knows maybe one day you’d event wan to play hockey, the second most Canadian thing to do.

What you will learn in this lesson with a qualified instructor:

  • The basics of ice skating
    • Holding Balance
    • Pushing and gliding with both feet unassisted
    • Basics of stopping

What you will need:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Helmet
  • A pair of skates
  • Enthusiasm, and lots of it

You do not need any experience to learn how to ice skate. We do recommend wearing some equipment because the best learning happens when you are not afraid to try something new. Shin pads and elbow pads work really well. If you have this additional equipment, we can also teach you how to fall properly, there is an art to it if you can believe. Falling is learning.

Too book the ice we’d like to know the numbers of interested people. So please invite at least one friend by sharing this page. The form below will allow us to contact you when we know the ice is booked. You can then sign up for the specific learn to ice skate lesson.

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