Mohamed learns to skate and play hockey in Calgary

We caught up with Mohamed on a snowy Sunday in October (crazy weather indeed!).

Mohamed is from Libya. Yes the North African country situated next to Egypt.

He moved to Winnipeg in the 80s, in a middle of January. Good time of year to pick to move to Winterpeg Mohamed!

Undeterred, Mohamed always loved the game of hockey but he never had the chance to learn to play it . Life always got in the way.

The first time he tried learning how to skate he didn’t have any equipment so it hurt like hell every time he wiped out. There is only so many times you can do that before you “hang up” the skates. Finally as a successful business owner he decided to give hockey another try, but this time in Calgary!

Here is what he had to say about the Discover Hockey program when he took a break from working hard on his skating during session 3 at East Calgary Twin Arenas.

Mohamed is climbing his mountain

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