Learning To Play Hockey Later In Life – Patrick’s Story

Patrick Rodrigues grew up all over Western Canada, moving from Winnipeg to Calgary to Edmonton. But even though these places are rich with hockey history, the sport was something that his family never got into, and he had other interests growing up....
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The Best Way To Get Back In Shape! – Marc’s Hockey Discovery

Marc Lachambre played lots of sports growing up, but as the story often goes, hockey was out of the cards for his family. It can be tough to convince the rents that getting up at 6am to drive you to the cold rink is worth all the money it costs. But that...
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“There’s nothing to be nervous about!” Daina Learns To Play Hockey

Daina grew up in Edmonton, and as a born and raised Canadian, she loved watching hockey. Unfortunately she was not able to play as a kid. When her husband heard of the Discover Hockey program he knew that it would be the perfect birthday present for...
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