Discover Hockey Player Profile: Alicia

Growing up, a huge hockey fan, Alicia always wanted to try playing ice hockey and finally took the Discover Hockey program in 2016. She liked the program so much that she took it for a second time to refine her goalie skills!

We sat down with her to interview her about how she discovered the game, and what she loves about it. Read more about her journey fulfilling the “Canadian dream” below!

DH: Alicia thank you for taking the time and sitting down with us to discuss your passion for the game, how did you fall in love with hockey?

Alicia: As a kid, I played floorball as a goalie but I always dreamed of being an ice hockey goalie. Living in Edmonton, we have a “hockey-centred” mind set. I never wanted to play hockey more than when 2006 hit and the Oilers were in the playoffs. Ever since then, I have worshiped the game of hockey!

DH: There is nothing better than when the city rallies around their team during a long playoff run!

What were your thoughts when you first signed up for the Discover Hockey program? What about now that you have finished and started your own ice hockey team?

Alicia: I wasn’t sure what to expect, I came in with an open mindset and signed up for Fall 2016. I had just recently purchased all my goalie equipment and I was eager to try it out on the ice. My main goal was to be able to make at least one save per game. At the end of all the sessions, my group made a team and we played in the NCHL. Fast forward to Spring 2017, I felt lost without playing hockey, so I decided to sign up once again to the Spring 2017 Discovery Hockey program. They had already taught me all I knew, and I wanted to grow and learn more! Now that I am finished the program, I am so happy I took it. It was so great to go from not knowing how to get into my butterfly and the goalie instructor Mike teaching me, to learning advanced drills with ease.

DH: What surprised you the most about the Discover Hockey program?

Alicia: The most surprising part was the ratio between player to coach/mentor. For players, they were constantly getting help from mentors and coaches to help they learn to play hockey. For me as a goalie, we were at a 2:1 goalie coach ratio (plus a mentor). It was amazing to see the attention to detail and the love for hockey all the coaches have.

DH: It’s awesome to hear the coaches  are doing a great job with new players!

What is your favorite hockey team and who is your hockey hero?

Alicia: My favourite hockey team right now is both Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins. As for my hockey heroes, Grant Fuhr and Marc-Andre Fleury.

DH: You must be pretty happy about the results this playoffs then! If you could have any hockey wish come true what would it be?

Alicia: To be able to meet Cam Talbot and learn some tips/tricks of the trade.

DH: That would be pretty cool! If you could play hockey anywhere in the world where would it be?

Alicia: Rocky Mountains, just like in the Molson Canadian commercial!

DH: That looks like it would be amazing!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking the Discover Hockey program, but hasn’t done so?

Alicia: Just do it! Might as well try everything in life. You’ll probably really love it, and meet amazing people, form a team and join the league. It’s totally worth it if you’ve always wanted to fulfill the “Canadian Dream”.

DH: Again thank you for sitting down with us today Alicia, and best of luck in the rest of your season!

If you would like to start your journey towards being a real hockey player, there are summer classes starting in a few weeks. Spots are filling up fast so do not wait, just do it!

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