Do THIS if you want to add 10 years to your life

So you want to live longer, who doesn’t! A new study came out in June of this year and it confirms what we all thought all along. Exercise can help you do just that. And now it is a fact. But exercising for its own sake isn’t very much fun, actually, it is boring.

All you have to do is take attendance at your own gym during the year. Excitement sparks around late December, early January when everyone notices the extra 5-10 lbs of turkey, gravy and ham that somehow snuck up on them during the Christmas holidays. Time for a New Year’s resolution, right?

These 5 healthy lifestyle habits will add 10 or more years to your life

The rush is on, and throngs of people buy gym memberships. “This will be the year” says that little voice in your head convincingly. Three month later, the bloom comes off, and attendance at your local gym plummets. We don’t exercise for fun, we do it out of guilt.

Gyms are not a very social place, do you go to a gym and talk to anyone there? If you are like most of us, you probably have the music on and you stick to your routine. Gyms are great for exercise if you like to be left alone, but they don’t help much with living longer.

The science is clear on this, more than 100 years of research show that having a social life is unbelievably important to your overall physical and mental well being, and now we also know that it can extend your life. Hmm, regular exercise and social interactions help extend your life.

We don’t exercise for fun, we do it out of guilt.

Did you know that ice hockey is a very social sport? In fact it may be the most social of team sports out there. As an ice hockey player you spend nearly as much time in the dressing room as you do on the ice. It typically takes 30 minutes to get dressed before you can get out and play and 30-45 minutes to leave the dressing room.

The game continues there, the plays are relived, injustices discussed and debated but in the end you have received your dose of social interaction for the night. You can’t wait to do it again, just ask someone who took the Discover Hockey program.

When everyone notices the extra 5-10 lbs of turkey, gravy and ham that somehow snuck up on them during the Christmas holidays.

Dressing rooms are social spaces in an antisocial world. This is where your team bonds as a group, there is nothing better than a fun and lively dressing room. Dare we say it is even more important than the on ice product! A good dressing room can make or break a hockey team.

And what about ice hockey as exercise? It is anything but boring. When you first learn to play you may feel like it takes a great effort just to get out on the ice, but as you play more, and more games the whole thing becomes second nature. And when you play games, no single game is the same as another. There are highs, lows and everything in between.

You may win, and you will lose, but you won’t even know that you burned a ton of calories doing something fun. It just happens in the process of playing a simple game, that is easy to learn but hard to master. Score one more goal than the other team, simple right?

Now pair hockey and social interactions with these healthy lifestyle habits from this study and presto you can add 10 or more years to your life. Ice Hockey can become your personal fountain of youth!

Those who stuck to the 5 healthy habits were 65% less likely to die from cancer and 82% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

The 5 Healthy Life Style Habits Are

  • Regular Exercise – (play ice hockey) check!
  • Eat a quality diet
  • Don’t smoke
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Have a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 kg/m2

To calculate your BMI on your own use this formula BMI = weight in kg/(height x height) in meters or weight/height2

If you want to do it in lbs, then BMI = weight in lbs/(height x height ) in inches x 703 or weight/height2 x 703


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